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Home Loans SA: At Global Property Finance You Get 24Hr Turnaround on Feedback & You Save 50% Off bond Registration Fees


Home Loans SA: If you have never purchased a home before it can be a daunting proposition.  Currently the financial arena it can be even more intimidating to think about trying to secure financing. 

Nowadays it’s commonplace to hear that financing is very difficult if not impossible to obtain.  However, just because it is scary doesn’t make it impossible. 

If you are ready to purchase a home or if you have already signed an offer to purchase there are ways to get financing, but it is essential that you take the time to find out all the ins and outs about home loans sa before you start to apply for them.  

Home Loans SA: We Reveal How You Can Get a Home Loan with the Lowest Rate and Pay ZERO Junk Fees...

Right now you’ll discover how you can get the lowest rate sa home loan on the market and pay ZERO junk fees…

If you don't know who I am, I'm Zulika van Heerden and I’ve been a mortgage broker for over 9 years...I'm not owned by a bank or estate agent, so I do not have sell you only what my favourite bank has to offer. I know what a good loan is and I can show you how to save a ton of money on your home loan..

Think about it, these days banks have to do a lot of things: handle cheque, savings and business accounts, now they’re selling insurance and investments and so on. They’re like a “supermarket.” But I'm a “specialist”. I do one thing and one thing only: home loans.

Once you realize it makes sense to get a top specialist on your side you’re off to a good start

If You Know Which Questions To Ask It Will Be Easy To Get A Better Deal

If you’re ready to a home loans SA application click here

But, perhaps you’re not quite ready yet to apply for a home loan and you want more information you can phone me at 086 110 6204 during business hours or send me an email at info@globalproperty.co.za .

I will be happy to talk with you, answer any questions you have; and when you’re ready, collect the information I need from you to suggest the best possible home loan plan for you. Click here if you want to apply for a no obligation quote for a sa home loan.


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