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Home Loans Cape Town - Can You Trust Your Bond Originator?


Home Loans Cape Town: Have You ever felt left in the dark by your bond ofiginator, not knowing what's going on with your home loan application?

Many clients have told me that when this happens, they start to question whether the originator knows what she's doing. 

Have you ever felt like this? ….well, you’re not alone.

Home Loans Cape Town - How To Determine If you Bond Originator is any Good

1 – Talk to them, ask questions, and glean if they are knowledgeable

2 – Look for referrals on their website

3 – Have they come recommended?

4 – Google their name – if there are many results they are active in the business

5 – Go with your gut….sometimes difficult, but right most of the time

The point is, all that you want at the end of the day is to know what’s going on. If you know where you stand you’ll feel more comfortable with your bond originator, knowing that they know what they’re doing and knowing that you’ll be assisted as best possible.

Home Loans Cape Town - Communication Guarantee

(Reaching out and touching someone was never so valuable)

The sad truth in the home loans industry is that, all too often, homebuyers are left feeling ignored by their mortgage brokers. The broker promises the world, then when the time comes to deliver, they're nowhere to be found.

Not only will I verbally promise to communicate with you during the course of your loan application I will guarantee it.

To apply for Home Loans Cape Town, don't hesitate to contact us here:

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