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Debt Consolidation: Find Out How To Raise Your Credit Standing When Applying For a Home Loan?


When looking for a property loan it is important to try and better your credit standing. Commonly, the better your credit score, the better credit terms you will get.


If you have a low credit score you'll be at the mercy of the banks who are able to charge you mortgage rates way above prime.


Fix Errors On the Credit Report


There are two leading credit agencies in South Africa namely, Trans Union and Experian. So the very first thing you need to do should be to request a cost-free credit report and check for errors in your file. You should act right away to get it fixed, because if you apply for a property loan your mortgage lender is not just going to take your word for it that there are errors in your credit report.


Don't Apply For Debt When Looking for A Home Loan

Do not make the mistake of running around and looking for credit cards or motor financing until after your property mortgage loan is approved. Always remember that applying for new credit temporarily brings down your credit rating.


Pay Your Debt Which are Near Their Limit


Credit balances that are over 50% of your credit limit reduces your credit standing. For the most part, try to keep balances below 50% but for maximum benefit try and keep balances below 30% .


To put it differently, if your credit limit is R10, 000, attempt to bring the balance down to R3, 000. This will help to boost your credit score. Your credit score will improve right away once your balance is decreased.


For the best results you can pay off your credit card debt in full every month. Nevertheless, you should not close your accounts, since that may lower your credit rating. What’s important at this point is the % of your total credit which you are using. The lower it is the better.


Pay Your Debts on Time


Do not make late payments. Paying your bills in time is among the simplest ways to improve your credit rating. It shows the bank that you take your obligations seriously and that they can expect to be paid promptly also if they grant you a loan.


So, its not that tough to give your credit standing a boost, but the biggest thing is that you have to take steps. Click here if you want to apply for a homeloans.

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