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debt Do You Really Need a Personal Debt Consolidation Loan
By Zulika van Heerden


For people who are drowning in credit card bills and each month you dread receiving the same bills demanding that you pay your minimum amount due on time or else…debt consolidation may seem like the most viable way out of your rut.  While upfront it may seem like it is the answer to your debt problems, on closer look, you may notice that what it actually does is put you deeper in debt and make it harder for you to pay it all off on a shorter period of time.

 It could also mean that you will have to pay more in the end or that you will never get out of debt at all.

 What can a personal debt consolidation loan do to you? 

 A Bird’s Eye View

 From a bird’s eye view, a personal debt consolidation loan simply means that you enter into an agreement with a financial institution who promises to take care of all your credit card bills and simply bill you once per month for all of them.  They will take care of your credit card companies since they have a standing agreement with them.

 While a home mortgage loan will require you to put your house as collateral, a personal debt consolidation loan only requires your good will to pay off your monthly bills.  Sounds like a good plan except that most of these types of loans have a higher interest rate and they are based on whether you have a good credit standing or not.

 A bad credit standing will mean higher interest loans for you.

 Personal Debt Consolidation Loan

 If you can find a lender who is willing to pay off all your debts at a lower interest rate and low payment scheme for a shorter period of time, then you have got yourself a good debt consolidator.  However, they don’t exist – or they are well-hidden you can’t find them.

 What you can do to get you out of trouble is to be a responsible card holder.  First of all, you must shake off your habit of spending that got you in this mess in the first place.  Secondly, if getting a personal loan to consolidate your debt is your only option, look around for the best offer.

 If you can afford it, pay more than what is due you on a monthly basis as this will shorten the period with which you have to clear your debt.  You will also notice that your monthly dues will decrease faster thereby making it easier for you to make your payments.

 Once you’ve consolidated your debt, stop using your credit card to pay for anything else!  You will only be adding up to your card dues which could ultimately mean you will need to refinance again – which will require you to pay double what you owe in the long run.  Also, don’t fall into the trap of getting insurance for your credit card as this will only increase your dues without you noticing it.    

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