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debt Debt Consolidation Basics
By Zulika van Heerden


Before considering a debt consolidation loan, you should have a basic understanding of what it means.


Debt is a very real problem across the country. The increase in the popularity of credit cards and high-end consumer products in recent years has only fed that problem. As a result, there are now people in the hundreds of thousands who are in debt to the point that they can’t immediately pay what they owe and that their personal assets are in danger.


What a Relief


One of the commonest ways of dealing with piled up debt nowadays is by consolidating your debts. When you make the choice of consolidating your debt, you borrow money from a lending institution or company to pay off several other debts. This effectively puts together those smaller debts into one bigger but easier to manage debt.


Now, it might seem to you that putting several of your debts into yet another, even larger debt could just be landing you in more hot water. However, loans that are specifically for the consolidation of debt are often either better structured or have lower interest rates.


This means that you end up with a loan that is, yes, larger but has better terms.


Additionally, there are some cases where the company that consolidates your debt could negotiate better terms or better interest rates with your previous creditors for you.


When you consolidate your debts, you essentially buy yourself some extra time to earn some money to pay for those debts you built up in the past. Keep in mind that debt consolidation by no means forgives you of those amounts owed and that you will have to pay them back eventually. Most debt consolidation schemes also have one form of deadline or another, so you’d better be ready to start paying regularly.



Cons of Consolidation


Just like any other financial scheme, there are some downsides to consolidating your debts. For one, it’s rather intimidating to be dealing with the grand total of all your previous debts, plus interest, even if the interest rates for debt consolidation loans are usually cheaper. Because it’s a secured loan, there’s no extending the deadline for payments on consolidated debts, short of entering into yet another debt consolidation plan.


Regardless of whatever variant of consolidation plans you’re looking at, consolidating your debts really has a lot of pros to outweigh its cons. It’s a great way to gradually eliminate old and mounting debts without having to give up certain assets like your house or your car for immediate repayment.


Think of it as restructuring your finances. Sure, it might be nicer to look at if your debts were several in number but smaller in amount. However, that kind of arrangement is harder to deal with, especially when different terms are involved. With a debt consolidation plan, you get everything nice and neat in one little package, with better terms and a better interest rate thrown in for good measure. 

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