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Mentorship and consulting Services

In today’s complex business environment, entrepreneurs often need to supplement their own skills and experience with specialist knowledge in order to remain competitive. Business mentorship and consulting services enable them to do just that.

An established practice world-wide, business consulting enables companies to contract specialist advisers on an ad hoc basis to advice on all aspects of business management. Amongst others, these include strategy, development planning, systems development and implementation, problem diagnosis and financial management.

Mentorship and consulting Services

The mentors and consultants contracted by the unit are carefully selected individuals with proven track records in their areas of expertise. They undergo rigorous screening before being accredited and support the mission of the group’s mentorship and consulting programme. This is to harness the expertise, skills and wisdom of senior business and professional people and to make their services available to South Africa’s burgeoning small and medium enterprise sectors.

General business mentorship and consulting

The service provides the entrepreneur with access to general business mentorship as and when needed. Mentors and consultants provide a holistic service, encompassing the full spectrum of business management. They are able to advice on and assist with basic, practical business functions, as well as to provide coaching, customized solutions, implementation assistance and even investigations, if needed.

Specialist mentorship and consulting

As the name implies, the service provides more specialized assistance with specific management functions such as budgeting, administration, credit control, cash flow management, information systems development, marketing, human resources management, production, expansion planning, construction, accounting and taxation. Specialist mentors and consultants are assigned when professional expertise, not available internally, is required for a short period of time.

Turnaround management

Every business goes through rough patches and sometimes entrepreneurs may require assistance when they are experiencing difficulties in their business. More often than not, these have a serious impact on the financial stability of the business and outside assistance is required to sustain profitability.

In cases like these the Mentorship and Consulting Services is able to provide the entrepreneur with either a mentor or consultant to assist the entrepreneur in turning the business around.

Turnaround initiatives may be either short- or medium-term interventions and require the structuring of a contractual agreement for the period of intervention

For an assessment of your business financing needs please complete our 20 second Online Assessment form. Alternatively for more information on business finance contact one of our consultants at 086 110 6204 during normal office hours.

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