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Mortgage  Bonds Your Free Guide For Real Solutions.

If you have a mortgage bond or several mortgage bonds, chances are good that you are paying too much at the moment.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when getting a mortgage is going to their bank and taking the rate the bank gives them.  Even though the bank often gives a discount off the prime rate, most of the time it is not the best rate available.  People think that because they are getting a discount that that is the best rate going.  In most cases, the rates given by the banks are not the best on the market.


Of course, your banker or present mortgage holder is not breaking his neck telling you about any of this – chances are you are over paying, and he knows it.

On top of this you must be content with poor service and being treated as an "account" or number. Call Centre Consultants, they want us to believe, is there to help us and not to increase their profits by employing fewer people.  They basically insult our intelligence. 

Besides, you are busy . Pre-occupied with work. Aggravated by stressful situations you have to deal with every day. Tired.

What you need is a Simple, Straightforward and Quick Solution to your problems. A Do It Right System which SAVES YOU MONEY!

Well, there is such a SOLUTION and it will not cost you one cent. Whether you want information on mortgage bonds, debt consolidation, loans,  credit card debt, pitfalls to avoid, tips and techniques etc, you will find all the information right here. The aim of this website is to help you to discover techniques the financial industry uses  to keep you in debt forever. 

Learn how to improve your changes of getting the loan that's in your best interest and not your banks. Methods to use to decrease the interest rate on your mortgage bond  and much more. But don't take our word for it...

"My bank turned down my application but approved it when I went via GPF Mortgage. I was kept up to date and Mathilda gave me the necessary information which allowed me to make an informed decision. I am particularly happy about the fixed rate which she negotiated for me. This country needs more people like Mathilda." Mrs Mhlanga, Waterkloof, Pretoria"

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You can use over 10 financial calculators to help you find the best loan for you. For your convenience, you can switch between Financial Analysis and the Plain English Help section when using any of the calculators on the left.

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