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2nd, 3rd and 4th Bonds: How it works  
  Step 1
Apply for a loan through us

Step 2
Bond application goes through a process of approval by the Financial Institutions Credit Division

Step 3
The financial institution sends out a valuator to assess the value of the property.

Step 4

Bond is granted, and financial institution advises Registering Attorney to register bond.

Step 5
The buyer's Bond Account and Supporting Documentation are prepared by the Registering Attorneys for signature by applicant. Up to this step takes about 5 working days. At this stage one can apply for bridging finance where up to 80% of the loan amount will be paid out. No need to wait until registration.

Step 6
Once all the documentation is signed bond documents are lodged in the Deeds Office.

Step 7
The Deeds Office takes approximately 7-10 working days to check all the documentation before they are ready for registration.

Step 8
On Registration, the Bank pays out the loan amount. The whole process can take anything from 2-4 weeks, if there are no complications.

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